They said it...

“Bahia and her staff are one of a kind. I have been seeing her for over a year. My life has completely turned around thanks to Bahia's use of acupuncture. I have been to other "top" acupuncturists and she is much better than anyone I have ever been to. I have severe Crohn's Disease, many side effects from the condition, and from my medications. She has helped keep my disease in remission and reduced all the side effects from the disease and all the side effects from my medications. She has also used her Chiropractic experience to adjust my body which has helped tremendously. And, I was one who was leery of Chiropractic care and now I am a firm believer it has helped me stay well and out of pain. Her knowledge of Chinese Herbs has also helped my hot flashes and my Crohn's Disease and eczema. I would HIGHLY recommend her as a true professional, she is also so kind, I look forward to each treatment.”

Amy Elrad Silver

“It's an honor to give my testimony for Dr. Bahia Al-Salihi. I have worked in the health care field for over 30 years, and have known and been treated by Dr. Al-Salihi for close to 20 years. I have recommended her with complete confidence to numerous fellow clinicians and friends and they have always come back with glowing feedback on Dr. Al-Salihi’s expertise and ability to provide significant pain relief and healing. I have one friend I referred to Dr. Al-Salihi that has since moved to Boston, she still tries to get a treatment from Dr. Al-Salihi when she comes back for a visit.

Dr. Al-Salihi is not one to sit idle with her doctorate in Chiropractic. She is always pursuing new knowledge in order to expand her expertise and knowledge base. Over the last 20 years I have watched her complete her Massage Therapy certification, M.B.A., Personal Trainer certification, Yoga Trainer certification, Acupuncture certification and soon her second masters in Advanced Clinical Practice. Add to this getting married and raising two adorable girls.”


“After a number of failed attempts to become pregnant through IVF, I honestly became desperate and was open to trying anything that might help in my endeavor to become pregnant. I decided to do acupuncture, as I had heard how much it could help with this process. Perhaps it is coincidence, but I became pregnant with twins and the pregnancy really went so smoothly. It was such a blessing when the girls were born!”